Electronic Submit Interfaces

Electronic communication with the departments of the university's policies

The interactive electronic communication system is the application of information technology intended to open the bridges of communication between the departments of Al-Qasim Green University and all citizens of the relationship of the auditors, students and associate members. This system aims to cancel all the difficulties faced by the users to get answers to their queries, raising complaints and notifications, send specific inquires. And any other activities that require interaction between the university and one of the administrators of the ordinary user. The system opens direct channels of communication between browsers and the rules of network sites of Al-Qasim Green University data posing a security risk to the university data filed on the internet as well as providing the possibility of publishing any contents by the user, so it was necessary to build the system in a way that allows us to control all user input.

So based on the last paragraph above was adopted security lock for messages and questions received prior to treatment policy. In other words, everything you send to us is not within the pages of sites of Al-Qasim University before seen by the system administrator in the presidency of the university. That the contents are sent to us do not conform with the points listed below will be ignored:

1- Personal information entered is completely accurate and does not contain any metaphors or my address does not work.
2- It has been sent the message through the allocated channel with enough information to rotate. [1]
3- The sender should not send the same message more than once since one message is enough to introduce the content that should be sent.
4- The content found in the message has to be within the range of our religon and the general ethics in the whole meaning.
5- The complaints have the true base, and they disturb the administrative work. They do not aim to introduce the personal problems.
6- Do not forward any criticisms to the people in the higher administration since they work by iraqi government supervision.[2]
7- Answer the same question that is sent to the same user in the previous time even if it was before some months or days.

When you send the electronic message, the manager of the system will review it and forward it to the office that has the relationship with the message content, then it recieves the response to send it for you via email, and this process takes 48 hours at most if the messages that are sent do not violate the policies above and do not answer them. Please let us know via this email  webmaster@uoqasim.edu.iq.

[1] Channel intended for transmission is not to send a message concerning the student as a message concerning references or send a question as an auditor FAQ. In other words, your choice of interface that sends through which the question or the message must be accurate and does not cause confusion to the work of the system administrator.

[2] The higher university administration includes the president of the university, the administrative assistant of the president of the university and the deans of colleges, and the fact that those individuals working under the supervision of the iraqi government represented by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and there is no usual citizen can forward the criticisms of their work; there are more experienced regulators in the administrative work evaluated.