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Al-Qasim Green University takes the attention of technology management contact information to provide space default heavily on the internet to keep all of his/her relationships with the university professors and associate members, students and fans abreast of everything that is going on inside the university, as the president of Al-Qasim Green University puts entirely new insights in style Managing making the various pages of Al-Qasim University site bridge continue to listen to the views of the users and resolve any problems or administrative obstacles to speed up administrative work and improve the reputation of Al-Qasim Young University, we are in the era of information revolution and must exploit the availability of modern technology to overcome breeches unnecessary while dealing with administrative staff in presidency of Al-Qasim Green University and deanships colleges and all the best from God.

  Through the fields listed below, we wish to know your opinion extent of our commitment to the vision of the university administration and whether systems of Al-Qasim University useful site for the user, or needs of amendments, feedback and evaluation have become based on the opinions of the user in the past few years the backbone of operations upgrading administrative service and development of sites and systems, so the opinions of our users very necessary for the network are designed not skimp Braiak us, and we are happy to listen and apply everything in the interests of Al-Qasim Green University sector of the Iraqi Higher Education.  Finally, we would like to note that everything published will be presented on the web pages directly to the Mantmany. Both comments are objective and purposeful.

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