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Communication with the Journalism and electronic media

Al-Qasim Green University includes an integrated media department at the presidential working on coverage news and press updates daily and dissemination of electronic information about conferences, seminars and exclusive coverage of the events and activities held at the university. In addition, the university media relations department is working on the link between what is happening within the university and media organizations such as newspapers and news websites.

We call through this interface fellow journalists to send any questions or concerns about university events and even a set of questions for using in the deployment of investigative journalism in favor of the working media organizations where we'll answer any questions or information requests we receive within 24 hours only as the media questions contained to us with answers to our officials will be posted at this location service for the movement of the press and the mark of our dear country. The electronic form below can be used for the purpose of the introduction of information; we need about the sender colleague particular field and enter questions and interviews.

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