Electronic Submit Interfaces

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Receiving complaints and notifications

You are welcome in the electronic interactive communication system in Al-Qasim Green University; you can through this interface send a message to the university administration and determine who is facing problems. It will take your complaint directly to the director of the section or department that wishes report any objections to their work. Developed this service to which we can find out any irregularities committed by employees of Al-Qasim Green University may take the necessary administrative procedures. You must be sure that all provisions in the message sent for administrative case does not live up to the level of ambition in the review of our departments with providing us with real information integrated as we would like to note that the submission of reports are incorrect will result in preventing the sender from the use of this system in the future definitively. Form E below contains a set of fields you can write what you want that delivers to us and then press the transmitter's button.

Full Name

Preferably a full name and surname  


The email must be valid for use.

Routing Information

You can write the name of administrative against him/her message.

The message title

Shorten in the title please 

The message text