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The electronic and interactive communications system for students of Al-Qasim University allows exclusively from sending e-mails to the administrative authorities in the university for the purpose of inquiring about new laws or query for information about the department of student affairs, such as the registration and obtaining graduation documents and decisions of success and failure and material loading and any questions bother graduate studies and the affairs of other students. In general, the system administrator that converts all recieved questions from the students to the Department of Registration and Student Affairs for its information.

It can not provide for the student-university electronic complaint against the university professor or a member, according to Iraqi laws for this sphere of action and legislation. We can not recycle any student complaints about the curriculum, professors, the official working hours and everything related to the affairs of scientific departments because this kind of electronic transactions could lead to infringement of the powers granted to the administration of Al-Qasim University network and electronic advise our dear students to submit any complaints or notifications to college deanship or head of the department. Phenomenon in the fields below you can enter all the required information and then press the transmitter's button.

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