Electronic Submit Interfaces

FAQ list in university of qasim

Send a message by the specified people to the administration of the university

You are welcome in the electronic interactive communication system in Al-Qasim Green University; you can through this interface send a message to the administration of the university, and it is represented by the president of the university and the presidential council of the university to deliver a complaint or inquiry of an administrative or report any obstruction to the work of the auditors and citizens to work on the review of the problem and solve it immediately Note that, any letters from the students and affiliates of the university in this interface will be ignored . The fact that this group of interacting with the site has customized interfaces, so please be aware that any communications regarding the students or employees of the university will be ignored by the system administrator.

It is in the electronic form listed below to receive messages, and the system manager will forward them to the office of the presidency of the university or the secretariat of the presidency of the university to see them, so we seek with the users to use the true information and accurate input data as the e-mail address is necessary and is the same e-mail address that you typically use, so we can respond to the message coming to us from users. Please also the sender should explain the detailed and concise explanation of the subject to be sent to exploit the time and deliver the largest group of messages to the administrations of Al-Qasim Green University.

Full Name

Preferably a full name and surname 


The email must be valid for use.

Routing Information

You can write the name of administrative that this message is directed to him/her.

The message address

shorten in the address please 

Message Text