Electronic Submit Interfaces

Interactive communication with the denominator University administration

You are welcome in the electronic communication with Al-Qasim Green University administration site. This site aims to serve all stakeholders at Al-Qasim University or single departments and affiliated institutions where we provide a range of interactive services can be used for reference, students, governmental agencies and the media. There is a range of systems and services that allows us to receive e-mails and then transferred to the consignee these messages to obtain the required answer or express an opinion on them and then respond to the owner.

All feedback data to the visitors are classified within the website and determine how dispatched administration. In some cases, and in accordance with the labor policies are sending the answers by e-mail in the event of need for it, while some of the responses are displayed through the website for the information of visitors to benefit. We can in this part of the site receive and respond to any of the following:

General questions about the university

And it includes questions from visitors to the departments within the university presidency of Al-Qasim Green University or one of its faculties, but we prefer to send questions about colleges in particular from the site of the college itself. Where usually the sender must wait the staff administer of the site 48 hours for answers.

Media communication with the university

Including submitted requests by the journalists working in the electronic news sites, press, and media institutions radio and television, the stuff of media can request interviews with the officials of the university or ask questions, or specific questions will be answered by e-mail address mediainfo@uoqasim.edu.iq only.

Questions and student inquiries

It includes all questions and inquiries made by Al-Qasim Green University students or applicants to study in where they can direct any questions regarding the study or delivery mechanisms and registration. As we prefer to have contact Registration and Student Affairs Department via the electronic section location within the electronic network of the university and through the link: http://registory.uoqasim.edu.iq, but to find out more details about e-mail addresses for the department; you can upload your electronic communication at Al-Qasim University guide through the site.

Complaints and Grievances

Citizens and reviewers can send electronic messages with a complaint or grievance against any department within Al-Qasim Green University and will be all the messages treatment within this type strictly confidential and not be detected from the user's information, but at the request of the legal department in the event of the need to match or achieve. The response to this kind of messages through the electronic email addresses complaints@uoqasim.edu.iq exclusively and any electronic messages sent through other electronic addresses they contain is unreliable data was sent through the administration of Al-Qasim Green University site.

Reporting of technical failures

The honored visitor that looks for any electronic page within Al-Qasim Green University site does not work properly or include inadequate; please let us know through a customized interface to it and be grateful for our help in delivering outstanding online service to all visitors to the site of the university and interested in them. Technical faults include everything related to computing within the university website and display on the various pages have been spelling errors or thinness in the design or problem in the loading or security breaches caused the loss of some data. You can also write to us at the email address : bugs@uoqasim.edu.iq.

Questions that are repeated often

There is a general question that is usually visitors being put in this part of the site and needs to be continued to respond to it; you can ask a question is repeated often and the administrative staff will respond upon its publication in the FAQs List to read by visitors and thus abbreviated time and effort on the visitors and administrative staff.

After being briefed of this part of Al-Qasim Green University site. You can choose the appropriate interface to interact with us, where you can watch lists on both sides of the page and click on the appropriate link and the administrative staff will be happy for the site to receive all messages and answer them within 48 hours. We would like to note that any messages we receive are not directly activated only after informed by the site's manager, so we hope that all the messages are meaningful and objective.